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Curt Loupe Conference Center

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The Curt Loupe Conference Center at Klondike Park is available for rental throughout the week.  Multiple rooms, vaulted ceilings, a kitchen, and a patio overlooking the park allow for
both formal and informal events, as well as corporate retreats and presentations.
The three-story Curt Loupe Conference Center is available for rental as a complete unit or as two separate areas throughout the week and accommodates up to 85 guests.  Multiple rooms, vaulted ceilings, a kitchen, and a patio overlooking the park allow for both formal and informal events, as well as corporate retreats and presentations.  The main floor will accommodate 55 guests and includes the kitchen and three breakout meeting rooms on the upper level.  Alternatively, the lower level offers a conference room that may seat up to 30 people.  Tables and chairs are included with the rental, but linens and decorations are not provided.  The Curt Loupe Conference Center is located in Klondike Park.  For reservations, please call 636.949.7535.

The Curt Loupe Conference Center is located in Klondike Park. Now you can reserve the Curt Loupe Conference Center online!

To check facility availability & make a reservation for the Curt Loupe Conference Center, 
Please: register online or call 636.949.7535.

Beginning Jan 1, 2014, once a facility reservation for the Quail Ridge Lodge, the Curt Loupe Conference Center or a hayride is requested, the guest has five business days to return the signed permit or agree to the Terms of Rental online, and pay the facility rental fee, plus the damage deposit. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of the facility reservation request. Also, any guest reserving the Quail Ridge Lodge or the Curt Loupe Conference Center will be responsible for check-in and check-out procedures with a park ranger, unless other arrangements are made prior to the reservation date. Online reservations will be available soon for the Quail Ridge Lodge and the Curt Loupe Conference Center. 

Rental Fees:

Full Facility
      Weekdays (Monday-Thursday) - Half-Day - $250
      Weekdays (Monday-Thursday) - Full-Day - $350
      Weekends/Holidays (Friday-Sunday) - Full-Day - $500

Main Floor
      Weekdays (Monday-Thursday) - Half-Day - $150
      Weekdays (Monday-Thursday) - Full-Day - $250
      Weekends/Holidays (Friday-Sunday) - Full-Day - $400

Lower Level
      Weekdays (Monday-Thursday) - Half-Day - $50
      Weekdays (Monday-Thursday) - Full-Day - $100
Reservation Information: Can book up to two-calendar years out. 

Tables & Chairs are availiable with rental and may not be taken out onto deck or patio area.
Alcohol: Kegs must be approved by Director prior to event via the special use form. No cash bar allowed without proof of a liquor license.
Decorations: Decorations must be freestanding only.  Items may not be attached or hung from the walls or ceiling.  No candles with open flames allowed. You may not put lights in or on the trees but you may drape or wrap lights around the deck railing.  You must remove all decorations at the end of event.
Clean-up:  No trash on grounds around building or parking lot, tables and chairs must be left clean, responsible for taking down all decorations, no marks on walls/floors, restrooms checked, all kitchen appliances cleaned out and wiped down, large spills are cleaned up and all trash is bagged, tied and placed in roll away dumpster in back of building. 

Return Key to Ranger.  

Rental times:  Full day    9 a.m. – 11 p.m.                                   
                       ½ day      9 a.m. – 3 p.m. or 5 p.m. – 11 p.m.

Rental times include set-up and clean-up.
Check-out is at 11 p.m. 
Refunds: No refunds will be given for inclement weather or cancellations made 90 days or less from reservation date. 
Cancellations made prior to 90 days will receive a refund less $100 cancellation fee. 
Closed: Christmas day and New Year’s Eve. Open until 6pm on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve.

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